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    PT. Bali Ryoshindo - Authentic Japanese Cuisine

    Address : Sakanaya Fish Market - Jln. Sunset Road 70X - Bali
    Contact Us : 0361-731152 -
    Saturday, 18 Jan 2020,


    Why Contact Ryoshi Ubud?

    Ryoshi is commited to give you the best service in everything you may need,
    and we will always try to do our best to prepare all things you may need while you are visiting our outlets.
    But for some reason you are not satisfied in the way we served you, then every critics and advise are greatly appreciated.
    We will try our best for a better service in your next visit.

    Ryoshi Ubud Address

    Jln. Hanoman 68 - Ubud - Bali - Indonesia

    Telp: +62 361-978 524