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Agedashi Dofu

Deep fried silken tofu with hot broth
IDR  40K ++

Chawan Mushi

Savory seafood custard
IDR  35K ++

Green Salad

Mixed fresh garden salad with sesame dressing on top
IDR  30K ++

Gobo Salad

Refreshing burdock salad with sesame mayo dressing
IDR  45K ++


Steamed Prawns
IDR  35K ++


Fatty Tuna
IDR  40K ++

Salmon Avocado Maki

Salmon and avocado maki
IDR  50K ++

Ika Natto Maki

Fermented soy bean, cuttle fish roll
IDR  30K ++

Chirashi Sushi

Various raw fish over a bowl of rice
IDR  80K ++

Aburi Sushi Set

Seared sushi set
IDR  75K ++

Fish Fry

Deep fried breaded white fish with sliced cabbage
IDR  60K ++

Chicken Katsu

Deep fried chicken breast with sliced cabbage
IDR  60K ++

Beef Teppan Staek

200g of imported beef sizzled teppanyaki style
IDR  150K ++

Wagyu Kobe Set

200g of Wagyu (Kobe) sirloin
IDR  350K ++


IDR  90K ++


Katsudon Description here
IDR  60K ++

Nikku Soba

Nikku Soba Description here
IDR  60K ++

Chikara Soba

Chikara Soba Description here
IDR  60K ++


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